Over All-Star weekend, Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving made headlines after admitting he thinks the earth is actually flat. The 24-year-old point guard began to trend for reasons no one should ever trend on Twitter, but hey, it is what it is.

However, what should've been a brief laughable moment suddenly gained an extra fifteen minutes of Internet fame when Golden State Warrior Draymond Green said his fellow basketball brethren may not be entirely wrong.

"I don't know. I haven't done enough research, but it may be flat," Green said with a Kool-Aid smile on his face. "

Ironically, Irving isn't the only one who shares this belief. In January 2016, B.O.B made headlines after he took to Twitter to rant about the earth being flat, and provided pictures to prove his claim. According to the ATLien, if the earth were round, cities in the distance wouldn't be visible because of the globe's curvature. The "Airplanes" rapper's claims took a turn for the worse when he then tried to discredit astrophysicist Neil DeGrassy Tyson who got wind of his Tweets and scientifically proved him wrong. B.O.B released a diss track aimed at Tyson, and Tyson returned the sentiment in kind. Let Black Twitter tell you, Tyson held his own while it's widely believed B.O.B took one of 2016's first Ls.

So what say you? Is Draymond Green just trolling the press? Is the earth really flat? Or is it Sunday morning and it's too early for any of these shenanigans to begin with?