Quiet as kept, Estelle has been making timeless records for nearly 20 years. Like her musical peers, the singer-songwriter prides herself on creating music that has a lasting impact on the listener. Yet, while Estelle is a Grammy-award winning artist whose had a number of U.S. hits, she's also has that 'round the way girl feel about her, which is why like most people the west London native also fancies going for a drive and hearing her favorite songs blast through the speakers.

As music's biggest names descend upon sunny Los Angeles in the days leading up to the 59th Annual Grammys, The Lincoln Motor Company along with Estelle hosted an intimate dinner at BOA Steakhouse in Beverly Hills to preview her newest song "Be In Luv."  In the clip, Estelle is seen tinkering on the piano as she creates the melody for her easy-going new track, and explains what she hopes her fans will feel when they hear her songs.

"I always want people to feel warmth," Estelle said. "I always want people to feel happy and encouraged. I never like to do records that are just of the moment or today. I kind of want something that I'm going to want to hear 10 years from now."

Featuring SiriusXM host Dion Summer, the two enjoy an easy ride in a luxury Lincoln Continental previewing Estelle's smooth "Be In Luv" as part of The Lincoln Motor Company's "First Listen" series. Overlooking L.A's gorgeous skyline as the sun begins to set, Estelle and Summer jam out. But this is more than the two going for a spin. As part of Estelle's creative process, listening to her music in a car let's her know what tweaks, if any, need to be made.

"Whenever I leave a session, whatever state that it's in, I just plug it in and listen to it in the car. All the lights and everything that's happening around you and all the sounds from the streets, you want to hear if the music is still cutting through, if the words are still cutting through."

Watch how it all goes down below.