News broke that Jim Jones signed a deal with Roc Nation on Wednesday (Feb. 8), and shortly after, the New York rapper took to Funk Flex's HOT 97 show to breakdown the deal, and explain how Dipset came to exist.

The Vampire Life creator began to get emotional as the interview was underway, explaining that his whole purpose and objective was to see the Diplomat movement strive. Although he has a shaky relationship with his former Dipset partner Cam'ron, he expressed all the love he had for him coming up, and all he did to protect him.

"Everything you can name, I was it for Cam, I would not let Cam put himself in harms way on my watch," he said. "...My mom always told me that I was a soldier with the ability to be a leader. Cam was the person that got signed and I understood that. I made everyone around me understand that. He's the prized possession. He cannot be touched at all."

Dipset was one of hip-hop's most revered collectives, but somewhere along the line, the core members fell out of good graces. Cam'ron previously shared his thoughts on the issue, and now Jones brings some clarity to the situation, pinning Dame Dash with the responsibility for the harsh break of the label.