Mountain Dew is introducing a new campaign which they call The Courtside Project for the 2017 NBA All Star campaign. The newly launched program will be a fresh collaboration with NBA players, taste makers, and various artists --- set to debut this All Star Weekend in New Orleans.

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One of the first works from the campaign comes from Joey Bada$$ and producers Kirk Knight and Adam Pallin. The rapper spits about his love for the game, and basically compares it to his rap career over head-nod educing production. On the track Joey gives us his usual witty flow, dropping lines that you might have to replay to understand. “The kid from west Brooklyn came with the Thunder, everyday love to triple double entendre," raps Joey on the song.

Bada$$ will be at All Star Weekend promoting the new track with a live performance and video shoot for the track--- set to be released in the 2017 NBA Season.

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