The polarizing rap battle between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma had the Internet pumping out meme after meme this past weekend. It all officially started when a few trolls pointed out that Nicki may have sent a few subliminal disses Remy's way on her "Black Beatles (Freestyle)" in late 2016.

Then, Remy's verse on Phresher's "Wait A Minute (Remix)" hit the 'Net. Lines like "That ghostwriter bout to call her/That lifeline getting shorter" convinced fans that the Bronx rapper was indeed answering back to Ms. Minaj.

As we all now know, things officially boiled over this weekend with Nicki's verse on "Make Love." Without a doubt, fans were convinced that the Barbz leader was firing directly at the Queen of the Bronx.

"You see silly rabbit/ To be the queen of rap, you gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques/ S plural like the S on my chest/ Now sit your dumba** down, you got a F on your test,” raps Nicki on the track."

48 hours after "Make Love" hit Youtube, Remy decided that enough was enough, and fired off direct shots at the Queens-bred rapper. She addressed her ghostwriter rumors, rumored romantic rumors about Wayne & Drizzy and even ridiculed her brother for his sexual assault case. At this point, there's really no coming back to being friends again --- this is WAR.

You said you never f**ked Wayne—how stupid I look, B?/Get the picture, I'll expose you, I'm kind of a bully/You named yourself Nicki Lewinsky, the mind of a rookie/'Cause you was suckin' his d**k/And now he tired of your nookie/You claimed you never f**ked Drake/Now that's where you took me/You f**ked the whole Empire—who you tryin' to be, Cookie?

With just one scathing diss track, Remy has managed to sway the Internet onto her side. Obviously, the Barbz gang is riding with Onika until the wheels fall off, but here are five ways Nicki can win the rest of the Internet back.

5. Recruit Drizzy, Wayne & Trey Songz For A Huge Single


With all the venom that Remy Ma spit about Nicki sleeping with her cohorts Lil Wayne and Trey Songz, she should just flip the script on it, and record a monster single with the aforementioned artists. Hell, we know DJ Khaled would be more than happy to help put together a record of this magnitude.

4. Dig Up Some Real Dirt On Remy Ma

This isn't the most honorable way to go about things, but Remy already went way personal with her rhymes against the Barbz leader. With all the tools we have today, if Nicki goes searching hard enough, we're sure she can find some things that the blogs would have a field day with.

3. Leave Your Relationship With Beyonce Out Of This

We all know that Beyonce and Nicki have a great relationship —and a musical bond, but now is not the time to flaunt that. Queen Bey is not going to come and help Nicki write some raps, so let's focus on the music.

2. Keep All Remy Responses Off Social Media

To make this clear, we mean Nicki needs to refrain from posting responses on her Instagram account. She already lost when she posted a photo of Remy and Fat Joe's Plata O Plomo album sales. We get it, but this is a RAP BATTLE, so we want BARS, not petty social media posts

1. Flip The "Ether" Beat Harder Than Remy's "Shether"

Nicki can end all the Internet talk with one swift chess move. If she puts her own "Shether" on Nas' infamous Jay Z diss with more fire than Remy, the online rap community would be back at her mercy. It's a fact that Minaj is fully capable of lyrical beatdowns, and that's all we really want to hear from her at this point.