It was all good just a week ago.

Despite Rick Ross and DJ Khaled's longtime friendship, it all ended when it came time to see who could really pop off. In a mock Super Bowl-esque competition, Rozay and Khaled went head-to-head to see if the bowl cork from the black or luxe white bottle of Belaire champagne would go farthest when popped.

The three-minute clip is the latest in a line of advertisements staring the nearly 100 years old champagne and some of hip-hop's elite including French Montana. Ross kicked off the sh*t talking, prepping Khaled for his alleged L. Khaled on the other hand wasn't buying it and was confident in his bottle popping technique. As the crowd stood on the edge of the bleachers anxiously waiting to see who would be the victor, unfortunately neither took the crown because of course, it was a tie.

While the clip is short, there's 30 seconds of bloopers at the end that are just as hilarious as the actual commercial. Ross tried (and failed) several times to keep a straight face, and Khaled literally walked off set from all the jokes.

Watch how it all goes down in the clip below.