Salam Hayek takes to Instagram to set the record straight about what really happened with Jessica Williams at the "Powered By Women" luncheon.

Days after the Women's March on Washington, Glamour and Girldaze sponsored a "Powered By Women", which served as a celebration of women filmmakers and also set a platform for Jessica William and Salma Hayek's seemingly heated discussion on feminism.

The Los Angeles TimesAmy Kaufman reported the story, which Hayek rebuked on her Instagram post seen below. The actor alleges she was made out to make the comparison of black feminism to victimization, addressing her argument with Jessica Williams.

In the transcription of the discussion turned argument, we saw the Frida star focusing on her point with the former senior correspondent of the Daily Show. In her comment meant to dispel the nasty rumors Hayek said, "It is inaccurate that I did not let Jessica express herself, she very passionately and eloquently spoke her mind and I listened and engaged in what she was saying."

She mentions how the conversation left her "inspired and empowered" but was depicted as a "cat fight" and to add insult to injury, she was even more upset that the story was created by a "female" journalist.

Although it seemed like the damage was done, she signed off her caption with the words "I will right this wrong..."