The Rich Gang 2 project with Birdman and Young Thug is slated for an April 15th release date, but we hear Thugger has other projects in the pipeline as well. According to inside sources, the Atlanta rapper has several albums ready for release in 2017.

Over the weekend (February 18), the Atlanta rapper took to his Instagram account to preview some new music with the caption, "Wait over..." With a hoodie over his head and while riding in a car, Thugga raps, "...Go tell your ex-boyfriend he can't see me in nothing/He can be my neighbor, still can't see me."

In Summer 2016, Thug released his JEFFERY project and is currently on the road for Drake's Boy Meets World tour. As the series of shows come to a close on March 16th, it appears Thugga may be releasing his awaited album, Hy!£UN35.