As ICE continues to take aim at undocumented immigrants, Mexican DREAMer Celso Mireles is hard at work on an app designed fully with his community in mind. Through Redad Alertas (Raid Alerts), the computer programmer plans to send warnings to users within 10 to 20 miles of a verified raid via text, according to Vivala.

Though in time for Trump-era deportations, the Arizona State University alumnus has toyed with the idea for at least a year. “President Trump is not doing anything different from what Obama did, the only thing Trump is announcing more strongly” he told Univision News, alluding to the more than 2.5 million people deported under the 44th president.

— 38 Consumer (@38consumer) February 23, 2017

The Phoenix resident's app will require nothing more than a phone number in the effort to ensure the security of all users. Learn more here.