Katt Williams was ordered to pay nearly $87,000 to a pool supply employee he allegedly assaulted in Atlanta in 2016.

Williams, who Atlanta Judge B.E. Roberts III wrote had “willful misconduct, malice ... and an entire want of care" for Paul Love during the assault, was not in court on Wednesday for the trial and never responded to the lawsuit.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the embattled comedian threw swim goggles at Love before going behind the counter and punching him in the face. Love had reportedly undergone brain surgery 10 weeks before the attack. According to TMZ, Williams got upset because Love called him the n-word.

The AJC also reports that the order includes $54,000 in punitive damages, which is nearly 10 percent of what Katt could make if he had sold out a show, as well as $215 in court costs.

"The judge also awarded Love $6,500 in medical expenses, $13,000 for 'pain and suffering' and $13,000 for 'intentional infliction of emotional distress, fright and anxiety,' according to the order."