Master P is living up to his 'No Limit’ trademark in terms of his anticipated career paths. The entrepreneur recently revealed to TMZ he believes the solution to the Pelicans’ below .500 record is to add him as the assistant coach. But, just because we know P for his musical capabilities, doesn’t mean he isn’t qualified to be considered for an NBA coaching gig. He had contracts with the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors before getting cut from the Hornets in 1999.

In case you don’t believe us, his son, Romeo Miller, drove by to confirm his father’s coaching ability.

As expected, Miller was questioned about his opinion of fellow basketball dad, LaVar Ball because you can’t talk basketball now without the passionate “soccer dad.” Apparently, Master P is #TeamBall. He claims, “I think he’s a confident dad and I don’t think you’re used to seeing dads with their kids, you’re used to seeing mothers with their kids," he continues, "If you’ve been in your son’s life all that time, you have a right.”

The only thing Master P didn't agree with was Ball discussing LeBron’s kids. “I don’t think he needs to do that, talk about LeBron’s kids. But all the other stuff, I think he’s on the right track.”

Pretty sure Miller isn’t aware of Ball’s claim that he could dominate in a one-on-one game with Michael Jordan, but his advocacy for his sons is pretty amazing to watch.