While President Trump is plastered all over the media, it's hard not to forget that police brutality and the constant abuse of African-Americans that is still rampaging across the country. Legendary Detroit emcee Phat Kat gives us a new record the continues to keep these issues alive and relevant. VIBE presents the first single from his forthcoming album S.O.S., which he calls “Revolt for Change."

Phat Kat, one half of the now defunct duo with J. Dilla, 1st Down, masterfully crafts a visceral record that examines the violence behind police brutality that predominantly leaves black folks maimed or murdered. Throughout the song, he makes a call-to-arms, stating that the time has passed for protests --- and it is now time for a revolution as he raps on the hook, “F**k a protest, we’ll riot, revolt for change”.

“The song is about police brutality excessive force and how our citizens are being treated like animals and the current situation our country and community is in,” explains Phat Kat.

Kat's forthcoming album is slated for a Apr. 14 release date and is available for pre-order on iTunes now/