In about a week, all of Trey Songz' fans will be able to feast their ears on his latest LP Tremaine The Album, and to wet their appetite the singer-songwriter released the visuals for his single "Animal" which not only leaves little to the imagination, but you may lose your virginity for a second time after watching it.

It begins with Mr. Neverson seated at a table with three other gorgeous women playing what looks like strip poker. There's no real way to decipher if Trey won the game before all the women begin taking off the little clothes they had on. But pretty soon girls are kissing girls, a twerk contest erupts and 32-year-old Tremaine uses a woman's crotch as a pillow because pleasing so many women can become exhausting.

Like we said, there's very little left to the imagination. Check out the video below.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Trey Songz YouTube Screengrab