Hip-hop lost one of its icons on March 9, 1997, Brooklyn's own Christopher Wallace. With only two studio albums by the young age of 24, one of rap's best storytellers left and impact before and after his death. With today marking the twentieth year since the emcee's passing, fans have come out in droves to show love in tribute to the man larger-than-life itself, Biggie Smalls.

As the Twitter hashtag #RIPBIG garnered thousands of tweets, VIBE connected with its social media and hip-hop followers to find out what their all-time favorite track by Notorious B.I.G.

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When it comes to readers' lyric of choice from the Coogi sweater rockin' artist, fans had a tough time selecting just one bar from the Brooklyn native's dense catalog.

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It's safe to say that everything from the Life After Death artist is in heavy rotation for us today. Rest in peace, B-I-G.