The urban colloquial phrase often spoken prior to the exchange of fisticuffs “come see me, then!” was employed when two Florida men with an online dispute decided to meet in person and settle their quarrel with an old-fashioned duel. However, both men ended up taking the ultimate L because they killed each other.

According to The St. Augustine record, 25-year-old Canyon Charles Molitor and 30-year-old Elroi Ishmael Ashley died from multiple gun shoot wounds after they exchanged rounds outside of a King Food Mart Saturday. (March 4) Charles was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after authorities arrived. Ashley was transported from the scene in a separate car and died later in surgery.

There’s no word on the specifics of their online feud. However, reports indicate the shoot out happened bright and early at 10AM while customers were entering and exiting the business. After Charles and Ashley arrived, a verbal confrontation quickly arose and the two soon brandished their respective weapons.