Fans of Brooklynite Young M.A. are in for a treat. The 24-year-old MC spoke to Power 106’s LA Leakers, and divulged about her new EP, which will drop later this month.

"The music is definitely in effect," said M.A., who appeared on the recent Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Princes list. "I know a lot of people, a lot of my supporters been waiting and it’s been a minute, and I even feel weird not having nothing out."

M.A., whose summer smash "OOOUUU" peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts, said that she's "definitely been working" since then.

"We definitely gon’ have a lot of new music that nobody ever heard before.” M.A. also discussed that she could possibly release another EP later this year in anticipation of her debut album, Her Story in the Making.

"That's the warmup. That's exactly the way to put it," she explained. "It's like a couple steps until you get to the album, so that's why we calling the EP Her Story."

Watch the entire interview below. Her comments about her upcoming music starts around the 25-second mark.