The money is for the taking—no matter the gender—and Forbes makes a point of that with their “Hip-Hop Cash Princes” list released earlier today (Mar. 1). The list includes hip-hop’s most balling newcomers. The only credentials they need to satisfy are being classified as rap/hip-hop, fall under thirty years of age and weren’t previously featured on the prince or king's version of the list.

The most shocking names on the list are probably Young M.A. and Noname. Surprising because of gender, not because of talent, status or bank account statements. Young M.A. was probably one of the most talked-about rappers of the past year with her hit track, “Ooouuu” going double platinum and finding a home as a soundtrack to one of Queen Bey’s outfit GIFs on Instagram. Not mention she opened up for Mrs. Carter on her Formation Tour on the Metlife Stadium stop.

Noname has received a co-sign from music’s streaming hero, Chance The Rapper, and earned a spot on his Grammy-winning album, Coloring Book. The Chicagoan is also in the midst of her own headlining tour for her debut mixtape, Telefone.

The actual “princes” that accompany the royal cash hoarders range from Desiigner with his triple platinum-track, “Panda,” his tie for youngest on the list, Lil Yachty, and Bryson Tiller, creator of the genre “Trapsoul” who currently grosses $100,000 per city.

It’s not uncommon for the media outlet to include women on their male-normative list as Iggy Azalea was included amongst Migos and YG in 2015. Perhaps Forbes should brainstorm a more gender-neutral name like “Hip-Hop Cash Royalty,” because hip-hop’s first ladies are here to stay.