Just hours into the release of Kendrick Lamar's latest installment to his illustrated discography with DAMN., Top Dawg Entertainment Co-president dropped a gem for fans to tap into K.Dot's creative process. Punch posted a photo to Instagram with what looks to be a lost verse from the Compton MC's "PRIDE" track written out on a notepad in red ink.

Pride is my biggest sin I tride to fight it but I never win
Layin’ myself down in the beds I made
Karma is always knockin’ with capital K’s
It started when I was tossin’ my life in the sand (?)
Crossin’ the street, momma don’t you hold my hand
Time revealing itself my ways are magnified
Same patterns requiring that I never camouflage?
Looking at me in shock you found my identity
Asking yourself do I have room 4 empathy
Subject 2 change. But not me.

Check out the clueful photo captioned, "Ok. N***as wanna post they best Kdot pics cause the album out. How about this pic I got from Dot of a lost verse for the song PRIDE. Haaaaa. Yea. #stunt#idontdoitforthegramidoitforwellidodoitforthegram #lol#youfeelsometypeofwaythenaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa #yea"