“It’s a war zone out there, they’re destroying the city.”

The trailer for Kathryn Bigelow’s DETROIT, based on the 1967 Detroit race riots was released yesterday (Apr. 12), and the film sets out to tell the “gripping story of one of the darkest moments during the civil unrest” during the city’s riots.

The snippet gives just enough to leave us on the edges of our seats, craving more, but not too much to ruin the plot. The focus seems to rest on specific groups of people and how they were affected by the historic travesty, while also highlighting the hostile nature between the many conflicting racial and systemic relationships present during the time period.

Some of those people at the heart of the event are John Boyega and Algee Smith. Both men have had a busy year thus far as Smith starred as Ralph Tresvant in BET and Viacom’s highest rated miniseries, “The New Edition Story.” Boyega has topped the charts as Finn in the recent Star Wars: The Last Jeidi and tugs at our heartstrings as Netflix resurfaced his 2014 film, Imperial Dreams.

Boyega’s character, a police officer, is seen encouraging someone to just “survive the night.” Join the trepidatious nature the trailer previews ahead of the Aug. 4 release date.