Being a celebrity in the age of social media is tough. You can be showered with love simply for existing and then receive an abundance of hate because someone doesn't like you. So to remain balanced it's understood why a lot of celebs don't pay too much attention to their mentions or comments.

However, French Montana may have had some downtime Wednesday night (April 5) and decided to search his name. User @artdecoxxx isn't a fan of the Coke Boy and because of America's First Amendment right, voiced that on Twitter.

— chill bill (@artdecoxxx) April 6, 2017

Montana, real name Karim Kharbouch, got wind of the Tweet and decided to respond in what many think was in a unsavory fashion.

There are many who have taken Montana's side claiming it was the young woman who started the quarrel. Yet, user @artdecoxxx tweeted if you can't take the good with the bad, then why be in the spotlight?

A debate about race then erupted with many insisting Montana doesn't have the right to disrespect a black woman about her hair. Montana replied saying it isn't about race and if it were, he'd be well within his right being as though he was born in Morocco.

So boys and girls, where do you stand on the Twitter feud? Was user @artdecoxxx wrong for saying what she said about French, or did French take it too far, or more importantly, is the rent due? Sound off in the comments.