Kendrick Lamar released his highly-anticipated LP DAMN. late last night (Apr. 13), and as expected, hip-hop fans are going bananas. The Internet's reactions via memes, pictures and videos have been both entertaining and hilariously relatable, and we can thank Lil Yachty for the latest addition to our ever-growing collection of DAMN. reaction memes.

Lil Boat recorded himself listening to the first track of the album, "BLOOD.," and posted his video to his Twitter page. As Kendrick walks through his experiences helping a blind woman, Yachty goes through a several different emotions including happiness, excitement, shock and disbelief.

"She seemed to be a bit frustrated," Kendrick can be heard saying on the track, to which a vibing Yachty responds, "ooh, what's wrong with her Kendrick, what happened?!" When Kendrick says in the song that he is going to help her cross the street, Yachty smiles a broad smile, giving props to K.Dot for being a "gentleman."

Yachty hypes himself up for an epic musical finale in the form of a beat drop. However, just like all of us, he was shocked to realize what would actually happen. We won't spoil "BLOOD.''s ending for you, you'll have to go listen to the album for yourself!

Check out the video and stream Kendrick's album below.

— lil boat kot* (@lilyachty) April 14, 2017