Fresh off his After Hours album release, Mack Wilds brings the unique New York night life experience to the small screen in a new online mini-series co-written and directed by the Staten Island artist.

Premiered by Tidal, episodes touch on what "really" happens when the sun goes down and love, lust and friendships are put to the test. Mack paints a picture that takes place in the club between a party photographer and his lady. In what seems like a collections of your drunken friend's stories from last night come to life on screen, the TIDAL exclusive is a realistic view into the eclectic Manhattan party scene.

After premiering the first two episodes at a swanky event at The Roxy Hotel, hosted by Rob Markman, Mack spoke to the crowd in the intimate theatre and broke down the process and inspiration behind the project---which all started as a conversation in the studio.

"It started off just us in the studio just listening to the records over and over again and playing it for a bunch of different people. Everyone kept saying that the music sounded so visual and that it needed a visual component," Mack responded when asked about the inception of the project. "It's things that I've gone through, situations I'm going through, situations I've been in. It's all of our thoughts and ideas and the way we view New York and the way we see New York to be right now."