Despite having a rocky start to her year with a tremendously flawed New Year's performance, Mariah Carey is back on her A-game with a lot of new music on the way. The singer reportedly inked a new deal with Epic Records to release a studio album at the end of 2017, Billboard reports.

"I am putting my heart and soul into making more new music," MC said of her new project, which will be in collaboration with Epic and her self-branded label, Butterfly MC Records. "I am so thrilled for this next chapter and to continue working with, and for, everyone that I love."

Epic's CEO, L.A. Reid, who personally signed the singer to the label, seemed equally pleased about his continued partnership with Carey. "To continue working with Mariah Carey at Epic has been another rewarding chapter of my career," L.A. Reid said in a statement. "Mariah's incomparable talents as a singer, with her vocal range that is nothing short of legendary, are matched by her brilliance as a songwriter, producer, and performer par excellence. Mariah's chart records have established her enduring place in music history, a position that is cherished and supported by her loyal fans worldwide. I look forward to building upon all of Mariah's success for years to come."

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