April is here which means there's more room for jokes and pranks for April Fool's Day. Fredericka Giles, the mother of Cam'ron, got in on the fun by trolling his fans about a Paid in Full sequel.

Posted on Instagram, Giles teased the idea of the film with a very photoshop-heavy poster. If Giles had her way, the film will have Ace (Wood Harris) looking for revenge against Rico (Cam'ron) who was released from prison. New stars are introduced in the fake poster like Idris Elba and Kelly Rowland. We would predict Elba would be another kingpin with Rowland as a narcotics investigator because women play more than just love interests, right?

Fans expressed a mix of disappointment and hope in the comments, with some looking to see the film's iconic characters make a comeback on the big screen. The original film was released in 2002, grossing $3 million and went on to grow a cult following over the years.

Relive Paid in Full with arguably the film's best scene below.