Longtime Drake and Young Money producer T-Minus was spotlighted by the good folks over at Genius to break down the making behind one of the more popular songs from Drake’s More Life album, “Blem."

During the Decoded interview, he thoroughly explains how he made “Blem” from scratch, as well as what it’s like to work with Drizzy when meticulously combing through huge selections of beats together.

“As soon as I hear Drake writing to the beat, I just, man it’s the best news I get because Drake is the pickiest artist I’ve ever had to work with," said the Canadian producer about the OVO creative process.

Throughout the four-minute interview, he explains, step-by-step, how he created the bouncy beat from the kick drums, to adding various effects and even removing a vocal sample because, this was no easy process. He also elaborates on what the term "blem" actually means.

“So, blem is like a term maybe used in the U.K., I know it’s used in Toronto, but it’s a word I’ve heard from when I was like, in high school," says T-Minus. "I remember it being used to be high, if you’re blem you’re red. Your eyes are red, you’re high.”

T-Minus also produced “Sacrifices” featuring 2 Chainz and Young Thug from More Life.