Rosario Dawson joined the Good Morning America crew this morning to discuss her bustling career and upcoming film Unforgettable, which will hit theaters Friday (April 21). But what truly captivated the audience was her recount of a vision her stepfather shared with her.

Lara Spencer acknowledged that Dawson’s mother, Isabel Celeste, was in the studio audience, which led the Luke Cage star into a story about the unwavering support of her parents and a recent conversation she had with her stepfather.

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“I was two-weeks old, and he came downstairs—he was re-describing it—and he said he remembers coming down and he looked at me in the basinet.” Dawson says to a transfixed audience. “I was just happy by myself and then all of a sudden I looked at him and he said it was like ‘whoosh!’ He had a vision, and it was like, “You have to protect her. You have to look out for her. You have to be open to sharing her with the world. She’s got a lot that she’s going to be doing.” He just had all of these visions, and I’d never heard that from him. He just told me that recently. And then they [gestures to her mother] got married when I was one years old so, I didn’t grow up with a single parent like I would have had because my biological father stepped out. I have my dad, and my dad has always been there for me. And it’s wonderful having my parent’s support all these years.”

In the crowd, Celeste smiles as her daughter speaks and mouths the words, “Yes, always.”

Watch the heartwarming video above.