The kids are our future! Hip-hop knows this statement to be a fact of life, despite what outsiders will tell you.

Apollo Brown and Skyzoo found the coolest youngsters in Brooklyn to tell a story from hip-hop's past. Shortly after returning from South Africa & Mozambique for their 'The Easy Truth' Tour, the Detroit producer and the Brooklyn rhymer decided to drop off their new music video for track 7 off their joint album The Easy Truth, which dropped back in 2016.

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In the retro visual directed by Isam Muhammad, Brown and Skyzoo pay homage to the legendary rap radio program, "The Stretch & Bobbito Show" by having four kids take on the roles of both artists as well as Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia. With Lil Stretch on the ones and twos, Bobbito, Jr leads the show as if they were recording live out of Columbia University while Skyzoo and Brown jam out on the mic.