As the old adage goes, "anyone can make a baby, but it takes a real man to be a father." The saying couldn’t be any more true for Brian Williamson.

A video his wife, Porsche Williamson, posted on Facebook of their son asking the California native to adopt him has gone viral, Blavity reports. During the 10-year-old’s birthday party, he said he didn’t know the difference between a real father and a stepfather because of how present Brian has been since he first met him at two-years-old.

“I know today is really supposed to be all about me, but it’s really about us,” the child said. “Brandon is what I met you as seven years ago. I’m so glad that has changed to dad. I’ve learned so much from you…. I know I met you when I was two, but you have been there for everything. All my school programs, and parent teacher conferences.”

"My son asked my husband if he can adopt him!!! I swear this was one of the best moments since we’ve been together,” Porsche captioned the video on Facebook. “Thanks for always loving him unconditionally and treating him as yours from the beginning!! Us against the world!!! Forever and always!! Let’s make it official!!!”

The video also went viral on Twitter, where the masses tearfully reacted.