Colin Kaepernick just earned some major street cred in Queens, New York. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback donated 50 custom suits to 100 Suits For 100 Men in South Jamaica, Queens, and the organization's founder is singing his praises.

Kevin Livingston, founder and president of 100 Suits For 100 Men, spoke to TMZ about how Kaepernick's recent donation came about. Livingston met the quarterback's girlfriend Nessa while doing an interview with Hot 97 in October of 2016. Apparently, she passed along the organization's information to Kaep, and he jumped at the opportunity.

"I get a phone call on Saturday that said, 'Hey, we're in your area. Come to your office,' Livingston says. "And all you see is a big black SUV come up and Colin Kaepernick comes out himself and has two huge sized U-Haul boxes of custom-made suits for the men in my community. Top notch. We stand with this brother. This guy is absolutely amazing. He's the real deal."

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100 Suits For 100 Men provides recently released convicts who have served at least five years with free haircuts, clothing and classes to help them become productive citizens. Their mission is to "reduce prison recidivism rate and repeat offenses in convicted felons through gainful employment."

When asked what his response was for those who critique Kaepernick, Livingston had the perfect clapback. "Four words: What are you doing? Some people talk, some people act. That man acts."

Watch the full video above.