During a recent interview with Sirius XM’s DJ Whoo Kid, Faith Evans revealed that her issues with Lil' Kim ended after Biggie Smalls' death, XXL reports.

The “True Love” singer admitted that while this topic continues to resurface, there was no animosity on her part toward Kim for years. “My issues with Kim really went out the window when B.I.G. passed, to be quite honest,” Evans explained. “It’s something that people always kind of talk about, but it’s certainly nonexistent. Thankfully now, she’s in a different place where she can kind of receive how I was already feeling. It’s all good.”

Evans also confirmed that she never noticed any subliminal shots that the Brooklyn raptress might've aimed at her through her music. “I never catch it,” she said. “You telling me something now. I never caught the shade. But you know, I don’t be looking at that.”

Nonetheless, she’s glad the Queen Bee agreed to collaborate with her on her forthcoming musical ode to Biggie, The King & I. In a recent interview with VIBE, Evans revealed a few details about the project, and discussed her collaboration with the Brooklynite.

“'Lovin’ You For Life'” with Lil’ Kim is very special,” she said. “Obviously, our fans have been waiting for that collaboration to happen, [and] I know Biggie would be proud of it. When I first asked her to do the song, it was during the first rehearsals for the Bad Boy reunion concerts at Barclays. She said ‘of course,’ but I didn’t have the record yet. About halfway through the tour, I told her I had the song and I knew it was the one.”