Two of the most street certified lyricists active today, MMG’s own Gunplay and Mozzy, have linked up for a heavy-hitting Carol City meets Sac-Town hood anthem --- dubbed “Out Here Really." The song is the latest single from their forthcoming joint project, Dreadlocks and Headshots, following “That Eazy”.

The gritty but comical visuals captures Mozzy and Gunplay flexing their street credibility as they spit bars about their war stories and street politics. The Damon Jama-directed visual kicks off with a bang as we witness a robbery and Mozzy somehow ends up in the back of a police car. Things get more outlandish as we witness Gunplay hilariously jack an officer (who was obviously lacking) for his police cruiser. These bandits take the car for a joyride as they do donuts across the city while getting some donuts --- word to Krispy Cream.

Gunplay is certainly keeping his foot on the pedestal for 2017 as he’s gears up for his forthcoming solo project The Plug. He gives a us a taste of what’s in store with his menacing new banger, “Patience.” It is his latest track after the album’s first single, “D-Boy Fresh”.

The synth heavy track gives listeners that old 1989 Cocaine Cowboys vibe as the always authentic Gunplay delivers some aggressively fiendish bars on violating the rules of the dope game, revenge, and the chaotic drug wars. He pulls no punches as he snarls, “Only thang on my mind, payin' back what I owe/That's a bullet to the head, that's a blade to the throat/And I swear on the Lord, he goin' straight to the morgue/For not knowin' what he doin', cause there's a line you don't cross.”

The tracklist for Gunplay’s new projects are as follows:

Gunplay & Mozzy’s Dreadlocks & Headshots
1.) “They Know”
2.) “That Eazy”
3.) “Gangland” feat. E Mozzy
4.) “Brazy Paystyle”
5.) “Never Had Shit”
6.) “Chain Gang”
7.) “Blood Passion”
8.) “We Ain’t Going Broke”
9.) “No Lighter”
10.) “Out Here Really”
11.) “So Gone”
12.) “D-Boy Fresh”

Gunplay’s The Plug
1.) “D-Boy Fresh”
2.) “Call Log”
3.) “Levels”
4.) “Cocaine”
5.) “Ain’t Gon Do Shit” f/ Tracey T
6.) “Pimp Game”
7.) “Hoeing On The Low”
8.) “The Plug”
9.) “On The Run”
10.) “Patience”
11.) “Y’all Know Where I’m From” f/ Mozzy

Dreadlocks and Headshots will be available in all physical retail stores and streaming services this Friday on June 2. Fans can pre-order on iTunes as they will receive “They Know, “That Eazy” and Patience” with their purchase.

The Plug
is now available on iTunes for pre-order as fans can get “D-Boy Fresh” and “Patience” with their purchase. It’s set to be released next Friday, June 9.