Typically, actors and actresses are not fans of the paparazzi because of their incessant following and lack of respect for their private lives. Today (May 10), actress Jada Pinkett Smith wasn't a fan of one photog for a completely different reason.

Smith, who is starring in the upcoming film Girl's Trip, was leaving the restaurant E. Baldi in Beverly Hills, Calif. According to TMZ, a paparazzi tried to snap a picture of her while wedged in between her black Rolls Royce and another vehicle. He ended up scratching the front of her car, and Jada saw him do it.

"Let me see if you owe me a check..." she says to the photographer on the way to the vehicle. She noticed the giant scratch almost instantly, however, the photographer tried to act like it wasn't his fault.

"Oh, look at that! No, that's you! You scratched my car!" Smith said.

However, she did not get as upset as you'd think. She said she was going to take care of it and that it's "all good." The pap should take that as a warning, as Smith told him he got "lucky."