The 24-year-old singer, Gallant, premiered the fourth segment in his “In The Room” series Tuesday (May 22). The Ology singer provides falsetto melodies alongside none other than Darkness And Light Tour host, John Legend. The two harmonize over enchanted vocals that settle over an equally charming rhythm. The “Overload” singer is displayed in habitual live performance nature, mouth to microphone and fingers to the keys, while, adjacent, Gallant flutters Miguel’s original lyrics into the mic.

The song is about a couple that has to deal with balancing a relationship in the limelight. While both Legend and Miguel are ideal for relaying this narrative, Gallant’s vocals add a much-appreciated differing sound than his featured counterpart.

The jam session ends with both artists critically listening to the playback of their live performance and coming to the agreement that they “love it” and it was “dope.”

The tour, which is already seven shows in, has a remaining 24 venues on the North American leg with the same amount remaining for the planned European performances.