One teen's bright future was cut abruptly on Sunday morning (May 28). According to Fox 4, LeDajrick Cox was out celebrating his high school graduation with friends in Irving, Texas when he was gunned down following an incident at a 7-Eleven around 1:45 a.m.

The news site states Cox -- who was voted prom king and was a star student-athlete -- alongside his three friends (two guys, one girl) stopped at the convenience store to purchase some items. As the girl within Cox's group walked back to their vehicle from the shop, three men in a separate car began to verbally harass her.

In an effort to protect the young woman, Cox, 18, and his friends tried to ease the situation. Before an argument reached a boiling point, the teen and his friends left the scene, Dallas Morning News reports. When they drove away, the three men in a white Kia Optima followed and parked next to them. That's when a series of shots were fired and fatally struck Cox in the side of his head. Two of his other friends were hit, but sustained injuries. Cox died shortly upon arrival at Parkland Hospital.


The teen's father, Reginald Henry, said his son "just wanted to do the right thing," when he stepped in to protect his friend. "I was real proud of him."

Henry also shared that his David W. Carter High School graduate served as a role model to his younger siblings. "You know, he was my only son. That was it," Henry said to Fox 4. "He has siblings and they look up to him and they were just so happy for him just to see him happy. It's just over. It feels like a part of me is just hurt." Cox was prepared to continue his football pursuit in college. Prairie View A&M University or Navarro College were on his list of top schools to attend.

Police are still searching for the three men.