This single dad has arrived to aid fellow fathers with a task that takes care and patience -- especially if your little girl is tender-headed.

According to WHNT19, Darious Bland launched an event called "Can Daddy Do My Hair?" where fathers learn how to style their daughters' tresses. Before the event's beginnings, Bland said he was still in the process of mastering different hairstyles besides "a basic ponytail."

"I'm learning to do flat twist, knots, so there's different things I'm doing as a father trying to figure out ways to make my daughter look great, as far as her appearance with her natural hair," he said.

Bland also views this new outlet as a bonding method. "The father is the ultimate role model," he said. "He's the person that everything kind of falls back on. He's the person daughters look to as a male figure and so do their sons."

In addition to the class, Bland also established an LLC in his name that'll help him continue to give back to the community.