With his back against the wall, fans of the Starz hit show Power will finally see what Ghost is really made of. In the full-length trailer for Season Four, James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) ditches his designer suits and expensive cars for an orange prison jumpsuit, as he finally realizes he's being framed for the murder of Special Agent Gregory Knox.

In the nearly two-minute long trailer viewers begin to see Ghost unravel. No longer the suave and strategic businessman/corrupt drug dealer, Ghost must adjust to life behind bars and the impending doom at every corner.

And while Ghost is fighting for his freedom, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is taking advantage of his friend's absence as he uses Club Truth as hub to sell his product, newly acquired after killing Milan, (the drug smuggler who eats people.) Rotimi continues to prove his loyalty is to himself as he tries and cozies up to Kanan, and while Angela does her best to put her one time lover behind bars, it's Tasha who remains by his side.

The scripted drama set records with its Season Three premiere and from the looks of this trailer, we're almost certain it'll do it again when the show returns June 25.