Killa Season is upon us!

Harlem hero Cam'ron revealed updates to Noisey about his upcoming album and film.

Setting the wheels in motion for his future projects, Killa Cam unveils a new song titled, "D.I.A." Taking a page from his Dipset era days, the rapper born Cameron Giles gets braggadocios on this JB the Music Group-produced track.

"In my car I had two girls/A quarter mil/pill poppers and pistols y'all/Pounds, they were round/Got'em back from Frisco, y'all/Lost a package/Hit a wall/Got it back/I'm sitting tall/Maybe that's the reason that my wrist look like a disco ball," JuJu's better-half raps over blaring horns.

Cam gave Noisey more details about the forthcoming film. "We're going to put out a movie with the album and keep putting movies after that," Cam'ron said to Noisey about his upcoming project. "So instead of shooting nine, ten, eleven videos what we're doing is writing the script."

He didn't reveal a release date for the projects, but you can stream "D.I.A" below.