Everyone has an opinion about Boosie Badazz's latest homophobic rant including comedian Jay Mohr. As the comedian hopped on Twitter with the rest of the peanut gallery Wednesday (June 7), his point was buried under his causal use of the n-word.

While sharing gif reactions of Boosie's viral clip, Mohr also takes note of Boosie's constant use of the n-word throughout the video.

Wether he was trolling or not, the comedian decided use the word himself.

Mohr, who's starred in films like Jerry Maguire and Are We There Yet?, has used the word in his standup, without public scrutiny. Just last week, Bill Maher was slammed his use of the n-word with the hard "r" when he slipped it into a joke on air. He's since apologized and reportedly plans to speak with Ice Cube and Michael Eric Dyson on his next taping of Real Time With Bill Maher.