Kim Kardashian's presentation of her new beauty line didn't go as planned on Wednesday (June 14), due to abundant claims of blackface in one of the ads.

The drama unfolded shortly after a faux au natural of the 36-year-old was shared to her social pages in celebration of her KKW Beauty line. Perhaps in the midst of keeping up with trends like Kylie Jenner's beauty line, Kardashian may have missed the heavy amounts of shading that teeter-tottered on the lines of cultural appropriation.

While one of the photos showing Kim's "darker" look was reposted, it didn't stop fans from voicing their opinions about the photo.

Kim fans quickly came to her defense, reminding everyone of her Persian ancestry. They also denounced any use of blackface while listing plenty of makeup-savvy fun facts.

Kim hasn't shared her thoughts on the matter, but changed her avi to a photo lighter than the first advertisement.