Boosie BadAzz isn't the person you'd see at a pride march. Over the years, the rapper has made his views on the LGBTQ community abundantly clear with statements about his dislike for those who identify as gay. The rapper has continued to bash those who could care less about his views, this time with a recollection that's been buried deep in his amygdala.

In a video that has surfaced this week, the rapper recalls a moment he had at the Angola State Penitentiary that reminded him of his dislike for what he believes is the dark side of prison. While going to the restroom, the rapper walked in on two men shaking hands.

“I remember I was in Angola I walked down on a n***a riding a n***a d*ck from the back," he said. "N***a riding that d**k. I said man I want to go home. I got to calling lawyers for all kinds of bonds. That s**t f**ked my head up. Another n***a riding a n***a d*ck man. Taking that b***h. I’m talking bout riding a n***a d**k." Deemed intense by the rapper, Boosie goes on to say that men who are interested in men cannot be seen as a "gangsta" because of what they like.

"F***ing the s**t out that man in that b***h. I was like this ain't no place for no human being. When I saw that s**t I was like these n****s sick man. You a nasty MF. Nasty a** n***a. The same n***a walking round that b***h talking like you a gangsta, you a punk."

The video has gone viral on social media with some finding the comical bliss in between his commentary. Considering it's unknown if the incident was consensual or not, fans have taken up for the rapper and his reaction.

Boosie doesn't seem to be bothered by the noise. The rapper has gone on to enjoy vacationing with his family and prepping new shows.