It was only a matter of time before Ghost's murderous past caught up to him, even if it meant him taking the fall for a crime he didn't commit.

During the Season Three finale of the Starz hit drama Power, fans saw Ghost/James St. Patrick being dragged away in handcuffs by his federal prosecutor ex-girlfriend for the murder of Special Agent Gregory Knox. Earlier in the season, Ghost cried his heart out when he ended his relationship with Angela as a means of protecting her while he sorts through his issues with the cannibal-eating drug smuggler, Milan. During their time apart, Angela found her way back into Greg's bed. Viewers know Ghost wasn't the one who killed Knox but his handprint was found on the outside of his window placing him at the scene of a crime.

Now in the Season Four premiere of Power, Ghost trades in his tuxedo for an orange prison jumpsuit and quickly realizes he's facing the fight of his life both inside and outside of prison.

1. “We can send a NYPD cruiser by your house if you’d like?” Angela

While in the precinct removing his watch, jewelry and cellphone, Ghost receives a call from Tasha and begs Angela to allow him to answer the phone. Divorced of any love or affection for her one-time boyfriend, AUSA Valdes denies his request and instead suggests sending a police car to the house as a means of quelling whatever safety issues Tasha and the kids are facing.

2. “The whole thing with Milan, it’s over.” Tommy

Tommy goes to a secret location where viewers learn he's been hiding Keisha.  She emerges from a bedroom and Tommy informs her Milan--the cannibal eating drug smuggler--is no longer a threat.

3. “What the f**k?” Tommy

As Tommy tells Keisha she and her son can go back to their regular lives, he gets a frantic phone call from Tasha telling him Tariq's missing. Tommy goes to Club Truth to ask Dre about Tariq’s whereabouts and Dre tells Tommy that Angela arrested Ghost and he needs to relay the message to Tasha. Feeling overwhelmed with everything that happened in such a short period of time, all Tommy could do in that moment was scream what the f**k?

4. “Angela? Angela arrested him?" Tasha.

Proctor calls Tasha and tells her Ghost was arrested. During their exchange, Tasha tells Proctor that Tariq  is missing and whoever has him is demanding a ransom. Proctor tries to keep Tasha level-headed and advises her to remain calm, but more importantly not tell Ghost what's happening with Tariq. While instructing Tasha on what to do, Proctor accidentally tells her Angela was the one behind Ghost's arrest.

5. “I still work for you, and I need to take Tariq home before Tommy kills me and you both.” Dre

Dre goes to Kanan and Jukebox's apartment to get Tariq before Tommy figures out Dre knows more than he's letting on. In his attempt to retrieve the wayward teen, Dre tells Kanan where his loyalty lies, but warns if Special K keeps it up, Tommy will put a bullet in both their heads.

6.“Yeah I’m sure Kanan is dead.” Tommy

Back at the house, Tasha is frantically wondering where her son is. Right before Dre walks Tariq in, Tommy and Tasha rack their brains to figure out who's demanding money for Riq's safe return. Whether it be Tasha's motherly instinct or her gut, she asks Tommy one last time if Kanan is dead.

7. “What about a g***amn thank you?” Dre

Dre walks in with Tariq and after Tasha's relief subsides, Riq lies and says his friends sent the picture as a prank. Sensing a family moment was about to occur, Dre begins to leave and Tommy wonders how he knew where to find Tariq. Not blowing his cover, Dre turns the table on Tommy and insists a thank you, not an interrogation, is in order.

8. “That sh*t, that first night in jail, that’s real fear.” Kanan.

Ever since Dre revealed Ghost was arrested, it's been Christmas morning for Special K. As Jukebox puts on her police uniform, Kanan reminisces on his first night in jail and revels in the thought that Ghost, his one time friend turned foe, will now experience exactly what he did.

9. “It’s not about what she knows, but what she can prove. If she talks, we’ll make it a he-said-she-said.” Proctor.

Proctor visits Ghost in jail and goes over the evidence stacked against him. While Ghost vehemently denies killing Agent Knox, he all but kicks himself when his lawyer reveals his handprint was found on the outside of Knox's window. Ghost fears Angela may take the stand and say too much, but Proctor eases his concerns by saying if she does, he'll attack her credibility.

10. “He already sold the stocks so your portfolio is empty.” Alex

Proctor tells Tasha his first order of business is to get the judge to grant Ghost bail, but she needs to have $2 million on hand. The large sum throws Tasha for a loop, only for the wind to further be knocked out of her when Proctor insists it be clean, traceable money. Tasha stops by her financial investor's office to learn the unfortunate news that their booming portfolio is now a thing of the past.

11. “Hey, we’re going to need a janitor over here.” Marshall Williams

Played by the incomparable Charlie Murphy, prison guard Marshall Williams proves he's going to be a thorn in Ghost's side. As Ghost gets his food from the cafeteria, Williams smacks the tray out of his hand and calls for a janitor to clean up the mess, but before anyone arrives he whispers "cop killer" in Ghost's ear, letting Ghost know what he's accused of doing while on the outside, has grave consequences inside prison.

12. “Executing a search warrant on the home of a murder suspect. This isn’t personal.” Angela.

While police search through the St. Patrick household hoping to find any evidence that could incriminate Ghost, Angela--who leads the search-- assures Tasha she's simply doing her job, and that entering the home of the woman whose husband she was sleeping with that she now arrested for murder, isn't personal at all.

13. “Because your wife is running out of time. Doctors gave Connie how long? A year? 18 months?" AUSA John Mak

Assistant United States Attorney John Mak proves that in a room full of criminals, he's the biggest a**hole. While speaking to inmate Tony Teresi, Mak tries to get him to inform in exchange he'll be released from prison in time to be with his dying wife. Teresi is no fool and doesn't buy what Mak is selling, but that doesn't stop Mak from getting under his skin.

14. “There’s a service he didn’t render, so go ask Dean for my money back.” Ghost.

Tasha visits Ghost in prison and tells him how she and the kids have been holding up since his arrest. Tasha tells Ghost she's trying her best to get the money needed, but since he liquidated the family assets, they're broke. Ghost does some quick thinking and tells Tasha that Dean owes him, and to get his money.

15. “Why him over me?” Dre

When Tommy and Ghost killed Milan they in essence killed all their problems. Ghost said goodbye to the drug game in hopes to become a full-time, legitimate businessman leaving Tommy to assume the role as the connect and his old position as distributor open. However, Tommy never trusted Dre and thus allowed Julio to fill the position. Dre, always looking for upward mobility, wondered why Tommy picked Julio over him and Tommy said it simply came down to who has more time in the game, (and not because Dre once held a gun to his head)

16. “You’re right Jamie, I know you did.” Angela

During the bail hearing, at one point it seemed as though Proctor had it in the bag, and Ghost would be free to go home, but the judge denied the request. As Williams places handcuffs on Ghost, Ghost realizes Angela really believes he killed agent Knox, and with certainty Angela responds "You're right, Jamie. I know you did."

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of Starz