Nearly two decades have passed, and TLC still stands strong against busters—guys who think they’re fly and the ones hanging out the passenger side of their best friend’s ride trying to holla. Earlier this week, comedian Paul F. Tompkins reached out via Twitter to get an update on the now-duo’s policy on scrubs. The CrazySexyCool group tweeted back with an audacious response.

But wait, there’s more. In case you forgot what a scrub was, the song was before your time, or you’re just not hip to the “Way Back” crew's lingo, another Twitter user asked for a refresher on the actual meaning of the term.

Since their last studio album released 15 years prior, the Grammy Award-winning group has announced a comeback. Chilli and T-Boz will be releasing their fifth and final studio LP by the end of the month. The project was funded through a $430,000 successful Kickstarter campaign of which Migos-sported “Bon Appetit” artist, Katy Perry, gifted $5,000.

Following the announcement of the album, the three-peat VIBE cover stars have released singles, “Way Back” and “Haters.” And it’s safe to say Chilli and T-Boz came back with their timeless style, like they never left.

We do too, Tompkins.