Taylor Gang's multi-talented Tuki Carter just wrapped up his tattoo residency at the W Hotels in New York City, and now the skilled rapper brings us his latest visual from Flowers and Planes.

In the new video, "Nobody," we watch Tuki and Ted Park turn up on the rooftops as we catch glimpses of Tuki's Big Apple run and performances. The fellas get hype before the sun goes down and spit some solid flows about the haters who doubted them before the glo up.

“The experience from launching the tattoo residency was super dope”, says Tuki. “They recreated the Flower and Planes album cover for the inside decor which added to the whole experience of getting tattooed by a recording artist. All that showed me that the hustle doesn't go unnoticed."

The “Commando” rapper also elaborates on how he linked up with rising artist Ted Park.

"I met Ted Park on Twitter, haha. We exchanged emails and he sent me three hooks - I jumped on one, it became this song and I and put it on the album. Ted came through to my W Hotel residency launch party - we took it up to the rooftop and lived it up, and now we're here!"

Tuki Carter’s new album, Flowers And Planes, is now available for purchase on iTunes and all streaming platforms.