21 Savage's knife tattoo may have gone on to become a top meme on the Internet, but the story behind it reveals the true pain the Atlanta rapper lived through before the fame. Recently, Genius' Rob Markman took the Issa rapper to make his own weapon at Sword and the Stone in Los Angeles.

During their trip, 21 explains how he got the idea for the tattoo from the original gangster of Hollywood himself Scarface. After explaining how he altered the design, 21 also reveals how he really feels about his tat going viral, and breaks down a few bars from his debut album Issa

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"At first, I didn't get it because I was like 'I just said 'issa knife.' We don't say 'It's a' we say 'issa.' Now everybody uses it. N*ggas making songs out of it and everything. I mean, I get it. It's really cool because people are taking something that's pain for me and they're making it cool to society so it's really a good thing."

Issa real good thing. Watch 21 Savage make a really dope knife with Rob Markman below.