Boogie Down BX rapper A$AP Twelvyy's energy has been packed with forward momentum as of late. Earlier this month, the A$AP Mob member dropped his open and honest autobiography track, "Strapped." This week, 12vyy unleashed the song's visuals.

With Rahil Ashruff behind the lens, the "LYBB" rapper keeps it murky like the busy Rotten Apple streets. Inside graffiti-filled abandoned buildings--combined with straight-to-video footage of A$AP Mob members Rocky, Ferg, Lou and Ant-- the Bronx native lays down his story on wax.

"Yeah, this sh*t fell up in my lap/I was sellin' packs/I wouldn't really worry 'bout no raps/I was movin' straps/This is all facts/Me and Dame chargin' to the max/Got these monkeys on our backs/Anything bling gettin' snatched/If it's what I've seen then it's facts/You can ask who is on they a**, I was livin' fast/F**k a casket, had a mask and a automatic," raps 12vyy.

Also, 12vyy recently released "Yea Yea Yea." It seems as if fans will finally get his debut LP later this summer.

Click play above.