Miriam Petrova took to Facebook last weekend to express her feelings of justice and closure after a California judge sentenced Robert Farmer to 16 years in prison. Farmer's crime, abducting, torturing and killing cats, one of which was her beloved Go-Go. According to reports, Farmer killed 18 cats.

“Finally, today after almost two years and 15 hearings we got justice for our babies!!!” Petrova wrote on Facebook.

A judge read the names of all the cats Farmer killed out loud in court and said the body of Petrova's tabby cat had not been found. According to NBC, one of the cat abductions was captured on video. On Oct. 8, 2015, Farmer was found with a dead cat in his car and local authorities also found chunks of fur, blood and a hunting knife in the vehicle.

At least one of the cats killed died from blunt force trauma and may have been sexually assaulted. Myriam Martinez hoped Farmer would have to register as a sex offender.

“Time after time I have played in my head what you did to Thumper and all of the other animals — you beat them, you tortured them and then when they were dead, you sexually abused them. Tell me, what kind of a monster does this?” Martinez shared in a statement.

Along with his 16-year sentence, Farmer isn't allowed to be within 100 yards of the Cambrian Park neighborhood where he abducted the cats, and cannot own a cat for 10 years.

Good to know in America cats find justice. Now let's see if we can work on unarmed black and brown men and women.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: NBC Bay Area Screengrab