DMX's legal woes have resurfaced. According to TMZ, the veteran rapper was charged with 14 counts of tax evasion earlier this week. Per New York City's U.S. Attorney's Office, the platinum-selling artist reportedly "concealed" his earnings for quite some time.

Stemming back to 2011, X allegedly defined his income as "unknown" despite making upwards of half a million dollars within 2011-2012. In the present time, TMZ notes that the "Last Hope" rapper owes the IRS nearly $1.7 million.

In a transcript of the court case United States Of America v. Earl Simmons, several details revealed the ways DMX screened his money.

"During that same period, 2010 through 2015, in which EARL SIMMONS, a/k/a "DMX," a/k/a "X," the defendant, received income of at least $2.3 million, SIMMONS failed to file personal tax returns. In addition, SIMMONS orchestrated a scheme to evade payment of the Unpaid Tax Liabilities he incurred, largely by maintaining a cash lifestyle, avoiding the use of a personal bank account, and using the bank accounts of nominees, including his business managers, to pay personal expenses. SIMMONS avoided declaring the income he received and paying his outstanding Unpaid Tax Liabilities in the following ways, among others."

This news follows the announcement of a Ruff Ryders Reunion Tour featuring the imprint's chief. The 20th-anniversary event will kick-off on Sept. 7 in Miami, Fla., hopefully, X will be able to settle this legal dispute by then.

If convicted, the 46-year-old might face 44 years in prison. Details are still forthcoming.