Issa Rae and her fine self stopped by The Breakfast Club Monday morning (July 17) to discuss the second season of her highly anticipated HBO series Insecure, and while Rae didn't give much away, she did speak extensively about the ho phase she thinks some women enter into.

"One of the things I'm excited about, just, you know, all the things that black women get to talk about but you don't get to see on TV," the 32-year-old said. "We dabble into the ho phase this season."

While Charlamagne Tha God has maintained women go through their ho phase in college, our favorite Awkward Black Girl says there are actually three categories of ho-ism women can enter in, if they so choose.

"There's the first category of women, not everybody partakes, some women are just like you know, 'I wanna meet my king' and they give it up to those men in that specific category. Then, I think, there are some women who engage and they're like 'I'm about to have fun' you know, 'I'm about to go out there and do me. I'm about to f**k all I can. I'm about to get my numbers up.' Unfortunately those women are relegated to a specific category in guy's eyes as hos." Rae said.

The third category of woman as Rae explains it, multitasks between being a ho and not being a ho, or as Rae so eloquently put it "double-dutch into ho-ery."

Rae talks still producing content for YouTube, working on movies and the cameo appearances for the upcoming season.