If you need a $20 to get you to payday, or just a couple bucks so you can fill up your gas tank then the best person to ask is Steph Curry. The Golden State Warrior just signed a $201 million contract, making him the highest paid NBA player in history.

Golden State's General Manager Bob  Myers said the two-time NBA champ's contract will be finalized after his free agency ends Monday. (July 3) For Golden State fans, news of Curry's payday was the icing on the cake. Doing what needs to be done to ensure their golden boy stays with golden state (see what we did there?) only made sense. Fr the haters, Curry's salary was more salt in their wounds.

— Doctor NBA (@DoctorNBA) July 1, 2017

One person who's in full support of Curry's coins is Lebron James. King James hopped on Twitter Saturday (July 1) and said not only is the 29-year-old point guard worth the mult-million deal, but he actually should get double.

Shout out to James still demonstrating good sportsmanship.