The walls are beginning to close in on Ghost as he realizes he's not going home. In Power episode 402 appropriately titled "Things Are Going To Get Worse" Ghost learns the prosecution not only wants him to stay behind bars, but die there as well. While Ghost continues to try and prove his innocence, Tommy adjusts to his new title as connect but resorts to his old ways when he learns Julio, his newly appointed distributor, didn't handle a situation to his liking.

Angela puts on a brave front in front of colleagues, but behind closed doors is visibly distraught, which ironically is the same predicament Tasha finds herself in while trying to explain to the children what's happening with their father.

The season is being set for an explosive reveal, and it's only a matter of time before fans find out who really has Ghost's back and who's the backstabber.

1. “So he’s not coming home?” Tariq

As Tasha prepares breakfast for the kids, she bears the responsibility of telling them their father was denied bail. Although she tries her best to keep a straight face, viewers can see Tasha barely keep it together.

2. “If anyone asks, we don’t call him Ghost. It’s just a nickname he got as a kid.” Tasha

Tasha is instructing her children to keep their family woes private, and if anyone asks who Ghost is, they don't know. At home he's simply dad.

3. “No matter how much people mess with you, you’re going to have to suppress Ghost.” Proctor

As Ghost sits with Proctor inside the interrogation room, it doesn't take Proctor long for him to realize he was beat up. Ghost tells his lawyer he didn't fight back, which makes him happy. Everyone on the inside must think he's a businessman, not a murderer.

4. “You’re not really considering putting me on the stand?” Angela

While in the board room with the rest of the all-male staff, Angela talks strategy with Mak who throws around the idea of putting her on the stand. Aware Angela had a relationship with Ghost and Special Agent Knox, Mak begins questioning Angela in the manner Proctor would, which makes the room very uncomfortable.

5. “No, I’d never kill anyone in law enforcement.” Ghost

Back in the prison, Ghost toys with the idea of taking the stand in his own defense. Proctor advises against it and to prove his point begins questioning him the way Mak would during cross examination. Growing frustrated at the accusatory questions, Ghost blurts out he'd never kill anyone sworn to enforce the law. The slip of the tongue proves Proctor's point and Ghost realizes taking the stand will only make matters worse.

7. “He’s still locked up, and don’t discuss that with nobody.” Tommy

Tommy returns to the warehouse where Julio tells him someone is attempting to infiltrate on his new title as connect. Tommy gets upset prepared to resort to his old enforcer tendencies when Julio stops him and promises to handle it. Julio then questions Tommy about Ghost, and Tommy whispers he's still inside, but instructs him to keep that tidbit of information to himself.

8. “I heard you run them clubs. You a rich boy, but you think you better than everyone.” Biscuit

Ghost is taking heed to Proctor's advice and being as lowkey as he possibly can in prison. While eating a biscuit--an inmate ironically named biscuit--approaches and begins making unwanted sexual advances. Trying to remain meek but growing angrier by the second, Ghost quickly twists Biscuit's wrist under the table. The only person to see this is Teresi, who files the incident in his mental Rolodex.

9. “You know me Marvin, I don’t play the race card, but in this instance, yes!” Proctor.

Proctor begins poking holes in the prosecution's defense by conducting an interview just outside the courthouse. While speaking with a reporter, Proctor says that his client--an upstanding citizen and businessman--is being falsely accused of murdering a federal agent simply because he's black.

10. When your father was young like you, he had some pretty rough friends. One of them was named Kanan. Ever heard of him? Tasha

Despite Tommy assuring Tasha that Kanan is dead, her gut won't let it go. While speaking to Tariq, she questions him about his new friends and asks if he's ever heard of someone named Kanan. Special K took precaution and introduced himself as Slim, so when 'Riq is probed by his mom, for the first time he actually tells her the truth.

11. "I just wish I could’ve given you a kid.” Connie

After Teresi declined Mak's offer to inform on a murderer in exchange for an early prison release, his wife Connie pays him a visit. While she looks to be in perfect health, she tells Tony this will be the last time she'll be able to make the trip. Teresi  begins racking his brain to figure out how he's going to pay for his wife's treatment, when Connie blurts out she wishes she could've had a child because at least their son or daughter would've been able to help take care of her while he's away.

12. “Got something.” Agent Donovan

The Feds stop by Club Truth and begin a raid of the premises. While nobody is looking Sandoval goes into Ghost's office and plants the gun he used to kill Agent Knox in his drawer at the office bar. Donovan moments later walks Dre to Ghost's office and ask him to open the safe. Dre does as he's told and stands by calmly waiting for it to be over until Donovan finds the weapon.

16. “I need you to be the man of the house until I come home. Okay ‘Riq?” Ghost.

Tasha takes the children to visit Ghost in prison and it's while he's speaking to the kids through a bullet proof glass, fans visibly see the weight of his sentence finally hit him. Ghost tells Raina to hand Tariq the receiver and as the two speak, he asks Riq to fill in for him until he gets home.

17. “You ever play in the snow before.” Tommy

The sexual tension between Keisha and Tommy has been bubbling for sometime and these two finally decided enough with the games. Tommy visits Keisha at her house where they make useless small talk before getting down to business. After the two have sex, Tommy asks if she's ever "played in the snow before" AKA been with a white man.

18. "You ever hear of somebody name Kanan?" Tariq

After Tariq visits his father in prison he goes to see Kanan. 'Riq remembers his mother question about his new friends and someone named Kanan. K plays it off like he's never heard the name before but in that moment understands whatever plans he has, he needs to move fast.

19."Last one I seen, it took the dude a full 45 minutes before he stop twitching." Marshall Williams

After Proctor delivers the devastating news that the prosecution is seeking the death penalty, Williams walks Ghost back to his cell. Williams, who has made it clear he's no fan of Ghost, takes delight in scaring him and painting a horrific picture of the pain he thinks Ghost will endure.

20. "Just take care of my family." Ghost

After visiting with Tasha and the kids, Ghost calls Tommy. The two, fully aware all calls made from prison are being recorded, chat for a bit. Tommy still has his issues with Ghost and admitted to Tariq he doesn't always trust him. Yet while on the phone, Ghost asks his friend for one last favor: just take care of my family and Tommy wholeheartedly obliges.